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Philatelic Souvenirs No. 18, 19 & 20
26 April 2008, Basildon P.S. 40th Anniversary.

No. 18 - "Celebration" smilers sheet with commemorative label. 90 sheets were produced.

No. 19 - Presentation pack containing a pair of stamps with labels from the smilers sheet. 65 serial numbered packs were produced.

No. 20 -
Cover with stamp and attached label from the smilers sheet. 50 serial numbered covers were produced.
No. 19
Nos. 20
No. 18
A constant variety occurs on one stamp in each sheet where part of a bubble intrudes into the label. See illustration, variety on the left. Presentation packs numbered 50 to 55 and cover numbered 50 exhibit the variety. The stamp occurs at position R2/1 in the right hand pane.